About Me

Blogs are basically a publication medium for channeling ideas or daily notes through writings published in posts so that we can share experiences and knowledge with many people.

Sharing knowledge is a form of good energy that can have a positive influence on ourselves and others. By sharing our knowledge we have also done a lot of good so that we can become human beings who are useful to others. Apart from that, in current developments, blogs can be used to make money through advertisements placed on the blog.

To be able to make money, of course a blog must have visitors. As a form of our participation in efforts to improve human resources in the fields of science, technology and others, that is why we created this Ulfadilah Blog.

We hope that this blog can guide all friends to develop knowledge and insight so that they can continue to actualize themselves in the global era.

As wise people say, nothing is perfect in life. Therefore, we are always happy to accept suggestions and constructive criticism from readers to improve the quality of this blog.